Perfect Formation

A contemporary erotic romance (m/m/f)

The Perfect Fit series is sexy and kinky and full of love. If you like D/s play, and threesomes where the boys are just as excited by each other as they are by the lady they love, this erotic romance series is for you. Perfect Formation has two guys, a girl, and a happily ever after for all three.

All of these books can be read on their own. While they are numbered to be in chronological order, the references/cameos in each book are minor and there is no downside to reading them in any order you choose.


Perfect Formation Cover

Perfect Formation
Contemporary Erotic Romance (m/m/f)
Series: Perfect Fit 1.0
57k words (Novel)
March 11, 2009; 2nd Edition: January 3, 2017



Friends for much longer than they’ve been lovers, Taryn and Richard enjoy each other’s company while looking for “Mr. Right”. When they meet Caleb the attraction is instant and mutual–for all three.

Caleb wines and dines them then shows them how good it can be if they trust him to lead the way. One night is all it takes to prove that the three of them are a perfect match, at least in the bedroom.

Taryn has to decide if explosive sex and the feelings that are quickly overtaking her are worth the risk of losing it all–she knows only too well that you can’t count on fate to always go your way. Richard sees Caleb and Taryn as the perfect couple but isn’t so sure there will always be room for him. Caleb has to suppress his urge to tie them both to the bed until they understand that they belong with him, but if they don’t come around soon, he’ll be pulling those ropes out after all.

capa2009_nom2009 ARRA finalist


“You guys don’t do this kind of thing much, do you?” Caleb asked.

“Proposition studly strangers?” Richard asked.

“Caress strange men in public?” Taryn asked.

“Drink,” Caleb answered.



“I just wanted to say, before I get sober enough to care that I’m a fool, that I’m pretty sure I’ve soaked through my panties as well as my jeans, ‘cause you guys are so fucking sexy. Thank you. Bye.” With obvious care, she took her hands from both men, turned around, and began walking toward the diner with only a slight wobble to her gait.

“Damn,” Richard said.

“Damn,” Caleb agreed.

Richard began to follow Taryn, and Caleb began to follow Richard. He pulled out his cell phone and sent a quick text message to his brother to let him know he wouldn’t be in tonight.

Taryn feared she was sobering up. She was not completely sure, as she wasn’t used to being drunk in the first place, but she was pretty certain that an hour ago she would have hardly remembered she’d said those words to Richard and a stranger, let alone be freaking out about them.

She walked into the diner and straight to a booth, sitting down with her back to the door, not wanting to see who might follow her inside. She managed a weak smile at the waitress who materialized and asked for a cherry Coke and a chocolate milkshake. Taryn put her elbows on the table and her head in her hands and stared down at the table.

She heard the two men slide into the seat across from her and managed, just barely, not to whimper. She was sure her face was still as red as the table, though. She heaved a huge sigh and sat back, her gaze straight ahead, right between the two men’s faces. Richard ordered a strawberry shake and an iced tea, Caleb ordered black coffee, and the waitress left.


A beat. Then two.


“You’re not allowed to say things like that then walk away.”

“I’m not?” Her brow crinkled. “Says who?”


“Huh.” Taryn looked at Richard, raised her eyebrow at him.

Richard just shrugged his shoulders and mouthed, “Oh my God.” Or maybe it was “He’s so hot.”

Either way, Taryn had to agree, so she nodded her head, looked at Caleb and said, “Sorry.”

Caleb nodded in return.



“What are you…I mean, why are you…I mean, who…” Richard stopped.

Caleb looked at Taryn for an interpretation.

“I’m just as confused as he is. We don’t usually do strangers.”

Caleb’s eyebrows went up, Richard began to choke and Taryn’s eyes went wide.

“That’s not what I meant,” she squeaked.

“So, you do,” Caleb purred at her, “do strangers?”

She whimpered.

“What she meant was, we’re kind of shy and besides, we think most people are irritating, so we don’t do so well at the whole ‘meeting new people’ thing.”

Taryn nodded emphatically, giving Richard a grateful look.

The waitress brought their drinks. Caleb looked at them sternly and said, “Food.”

They both ordered burgers and Caleb ordered a piece of cherry pie. The waitress left. Taryn tried to think of something to say that had nothing to do with sex or strangers. She tried to remember if she had ever been so instantly attracted to a man before. Maybe it was being drunk. Maybe she should try that more often. Of course, with her luck, not to mention family history, she would be an alcoholic before the year was out. Probably not worth it. She sucked on her milkshake, eyes staring down into the glass, while she considered what had happened since leaving the bar.


She looked up at her best friend.

“He’s still here.”

Taryn glanced at Caleb then looked at Richard, confused. “Huh?”

“He hasn’t called the funny farm to come take us away. Or the prude police to come lock us up.”

Taryn considered this then looked back at Caleb. Almond-brown eyes watched her. The man was gorgeous—short, dark brown hair, his skin tan, different from Richard’s natural olive, as if he spent a lot of time outside. Muscular, but not overly so. She couldn’t get the phrase “tall, dark and handsome” out of her head. Her eyes began to glaze and she forgot what she’d been thinking about. The corner of his mouth quirked up as if he knew that.



She swallowed, caught in Caleb’s gaze. “I love you.” She couldn’t decide what to make of the flicker in Caleb’s face at that.

“I love you too. But?”

“But I’m about to melt into a puddle of goo, and he’s just looking at me.”

“I wish he’d look at m—” Richard’s voice jerked into a squeak. Taryn looked at him and his eyes had gone wide. He flicked his eyes down to his leg, next to Caleb.

“I mean, yeah, me too.”

Taryn nodded her head and decided she was done talking for a while. The waitress brought their burgers and Caleb’s pie. Nobody spoke, they just ate.

Caleb pushed his pie plate away and wiped his lips with his napkin. Taryn’s eyes remained riveted to his lips. He licked them then smiled just a bit when she gulped.

“Taryn. Richard.”

“Caleb,” they said at the same time.

“What’s your story? You two are…?” He waved his hand between them. “A couple? Fuck buddies?”

Taryn looked at Richard and he nodded at her.

“We’ve been friends for a long time. After a few years, when we were both single, we started sleeping with each other. Sometimes one of us will meet someone we want to date, so we stop sleeping with each other. We’ve been doing that for about three years.”

Caleb looked at Richard. “You usually sleep with women?”

“No, only one woman other than Taryn, and it didn’t last very long.”

Caleb looked at Taryn. “You usually sleep with men?”

“I’ve never slept with a woman.”

“What about you?” Richard asked Caleb.

“I usually sleep with women,” Caleb answered, looking Richard up and down. “But I’ve had my share of men.”

“Together?” Taryn’s voice cracked so she cleared her throat. “Do you ever sleep with them at the same time?”

“A couple of times,” Caleb answered, “with two women. A couple of times with one woman, one other man.”

“And how did you find that?” Richard asked.

“Each situation was different. There can be…some confusion about who’s in charge.”

Taryn’s eyes went wide at this. She thought she might be bug eyed at the end of this night. “In charge?”

Caleb’s eyes pierced her. “That’s right. What about you two—who’s in charge when you’re fucking?”