Coming Home (Fully Invested Book 1)

Three best girlfriends who, years ago, made a pact to work their way out of the rat race and into the freedoms that being financially independent can bring them.

Coming Home Cover

Small town contemporary romance
Series: Fully Invested (A Wildlife Ridge Romance) – Rose and Ethan
60k words (novel)
Release Date TBA
Digital: TBA
Trade Paperback: TBA

Rose never really expected to return to Wildlife Ridge after she graduated high school, but here she is, sixteen years later. She wants to spend some time focusing on her new life as an entrepreneur, away from the big city rat race, and her quiet hometown in the mountains seems like the perfect place to do that. She’s excited to spend some time with her parents, and has barely given a passing thought to seeing Ethan again. Really. Hardly at all.

Ethan hasn’t seen Rose on her infrequent visits home. He’s never forgiven himself for cancelling out on taking her to prom at the last minute. His life hasn’t panned out the way he expected, but he loves his town and he’s hopeful she’ll love it enough to stick around for awhile, give Wildlife Ridge a second chance. And maybe give him a chance to make it up to her after all this time.

Excerpt: Coming Soon