Finding Forever (Fully Invested Book 3)

Three best girlfriends who made a pact to work their way out of the rat race and into the freedoms that being financially independent can bring them.

Finding Forever book cover

Small town contemporary romance
Series: Fully Invested (A Wildlife Ridge romance) – Naomi and Jason
Release Date: 2/12/21
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When Naomi moves to Wildlife Ridge, she has high hopes for her new town, her real estate business and being close to her best friends. When her contractor does a runner, she’s stuck with his brother who agrees to fill in, but isn’t at all happy with the situation. Tempers flare until they can get a handle on their working relationship. And until they start to notice how much they have in common. Can Jason convince Naomi that his initial jerk reaction wasn’t about her, and that, given the chance, he can be all about her?