Past Perfect

A Contemporary Steamy/Erotic(light) Romance

The Perfect Fit series is sexy and kinky and full of love. If you like D/s play, and threesomes where the men are just as excited by each other as they are by the lady they love, this erotic romance series is for you. HOWEVER, Past Perfect is a little different. It was written as a fun treat for my newsletter readers, by request from readers of book 1, Perfect Formation, who wanted to know Sean and Lisa’s story.

It takes place about nine years before the events of Perfect Formation, and while Caleb makes brief appearances, this novella is all about Sean and Lisa. And unfortunately, these two lovebirds just aren’t the kinky type, so they don’t quite fit in with the rest of the series, which is why I’m keeping it slightly separate (not numbering it). But for readers who like to keep their chronologies clear (like me), I want that to be easy to follow. Also, please note that as this novella was written for the newsletter readers, it is not available at retail stores at this time.

All of these books can be read on their own. While they are numbered to be in chronological order, the references/cameos in each book are minor and there is no downside to reading them in any order you choose.


Past Perfect Cover - Image shows a man standing in front of a woman, his hands at her neck, her hand on his, their noses just touching

Past Perfect
Contemporary Steamy/Erotic(light) Romance (m/f)
Series: Perfect Fit Prequel
20k words (Novella)
November 10, 2022


This book is currently only available to newsletter subscribers. Please visit here to subscribe. (Reminder, it is not necessary to read this novella to fully enjoy the series. See note at the top of the page for more information)


A wedding-hookup was a theoretical possibility when Lisa headed to Boston for her cousin’s wedding. But she’d never have predicted she’d practically run out the door with the groom’s college roommate at her side, amidst family drama.

A day spent together talking and laughing, leads to a night of dancing and revelations that has them opening their hearts to each other in a way that could be permanent—if they’re willing to take some risks.