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Perfect Alignment

As I mentioned earlier, I have one book out on submission, but another one that I’ve finished the rough draft and have decided to self-publish. It is set in the same “world” as my contemporary menage, Perfect Formation. Unlike PF, this book is not about three people making a relationship, but the hero and heroine do enjoy some serious sexy-times with the hero’s best friend when he comes to town. They even manage to surprise themselves with it, and kind of surprised me, as well. But I’ll let you find out about that when it comes out 😉

I haven’t written the official blurb, at least not a draft that you’d actually want to read, so I’ll just tell you about it. In Perfect Formation, you met Taryn and her guys, Caleb and Richard. Taryn owns a coffee shop, called Grounded, in North Fork, Massachusetts. One of her employees is Emma, a student at the nearby college.

Emma is in her last year of school, and she plans on heading back to Northern California when she’s done, to be near her family and their store, which she intends to work at. Since she’s been away at college, she’s discovered her submissive side, and enjoyed playing at a BDSM club. She’s on her way to visit Boston, with a trip to her club, of course, when she’s pulled over for speeding.

When Drew pulls Emma over he notices that she’s wearing a BDSM symbol on her necklace. As a Dom, he knows what it means. As a cop, he knows he should ignore it. Luckily for us, he just can’t quite manage to walk away.

Of course, you’ll get to see some of Caleb, Richard and Taryn, but I think you’ll fall for Drew and Emma, and I know you’ll have a soft spot for Drew’s friend Toby, when he comes to visit.

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, I made a board as I was writing Perfect Alignment and you might enjoy seeing some of the pics.

I’ll have the cover posted soon, and then a release date!

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