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Romance Trading Cards and RT

I’ll be attending the RT Booklovers Convention in Los Angeles April 6-10th. I’ll be at the Ebook Expo on Friday the 8th, 4-6pm, as well as the Book Fair on Saturday April 9th, 11am-2pm. I’m not quite sure about pricing for attendance at the Ebook Expo, but the Book Fair is $5 to enter if you’re not attending other parts of the conference.

Romance Trading CardsA group of authors and readers on Twitter decided it would be fun to make baseball-style trading cards for romance characters. And Romance Trading Cards was born. You can find authors who are participating on the website. A lot of them will be attending the RT Convention, as well as RWA’s national conference in New York this summer.

Despite my inherent laziness, I was shamed into encouraged to participate, and once I got started, I had quite a bit of fun making these up. I won’t discuss the hours spent playing with fonts and colors and what-nots, I’ll just let you judge the results. I was only going to do a couple, but I got on a roll picking out stock photos of the guys, and ended up with four heroes done, for three books (if anyone wants to find a nice stock photo for Zach and come up with some stats, I’ll probably make his card up later, I just won’t have time before RT). Now, please remember that I’m not a graphics person! Jeannie Lin was awesome enough to make up some standard borders that we could use, so that was the easy part. Anyway, enough babbling, here they are. Once they’re printed and delivered, I’d be happy to send them out to anyone who asks.

Caleb – Perfect Formation

Caleb Trading Card Cover Caleb Trading Card Back

Richard – Perfect Formation

Richard Trading Card Cover Richard Trading Card Back

Connul – Bound by Sunlight

Connul Trading Card Cover Connul Trading Card Back

Ryan – Keeping Claire

Ryan Trading Card Cover Ryan Trading Card Back

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Keeping Claire

Keeping Claire cover Yay, it’s release day! I love release day, every single time.

I’m so excited that Keeping Claire is finally coming out. This is the first book that I shared so much of in excerpts, especially with Excerpt Monday, before it was even finished, plus talking about it on the blog, so it’s the first book that I really had people waiting for. It makes me kinda nervous, but in a good way. 😛

So, Claire. Claire was also the first book I wrote that kept turning on me, which I found confusing. I mean, aren’t these characters supposed to do what I want them to do? I started out thinking it was going to be a menage, and it took me a little while to figure out that just wasn’t happening. I still have some scenes that I really liked but couldn’t go anywhere because it turned out that Claire and Ryan aren’t the sharing type, no matter how much I wanted them to play with Jacob. Maybe I’ll put up some deleted scenes, one of these days, although I can’t help but think they’d be confusing and misleading to people who haven’t read the book. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Do you like outtakes?

Claire was such a strong voice in my head, I actually started writing the book in first person, with only her perspective. It took me a couple of chapters to stall out and realize that she was trying to keep me from Ryan, lol. Like I said, she’s not much for sharing. Once I gave Ryan his chance, he charmed me and found his place in the story.

I should mention that this book isn’t kinky. Erotic, yes. Kinky, no. Unlike Perfect Formation and Bound by Sunlight, I told my mother and my aunt that they could read Keeping Claire. So far, I’ve only let them read Alpha Turned. So, you know, that’s some added pressure, knowing that they’ll be reading it, but they love me, so even if they hate it, they’ll forget to tell me.

I hope those of you who’ve been waiting for this story love it as much as I do. And, of course, those of you who’ve never heard of it, too. 😀

I thought you might also like a quick update on what I’m working on. I think it’s been a while since I did that. In what really is mostly coincidence, though of course part of it is simple timing, I’m working on stories that are set in the same worlds as my first book, Perfect Formation, and my second, Alpha Turned. I didn’t exactly plan it that way, but there you go. And who knows, something else might jump up and steal me away, but that’s where I am right now. The first already has some cameos with Taryn, Richard and Caleb. Emma, the heroine in this story, works at Taryn’s coffee shop. It will be a contemporary, and will probably have a menage element, but will not be a relationship threesome, like Perfect Formation. Unless things take a dramatically unexpected turn, which is theoretically possible. The second story I’m working on is set in the werewolf world of Alpha Turned. The hero, Adam, was mentioned briefly in that book as the teacher who was attacked by the bad guys and escaped, before the heroine was turned. Adam will be visiting Hillary and Zach’s pack, and I’m looking forward to seeing how that works out.

And, I should really get back to work on those. So, adios, and happy reading!

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Cover for Keeping Claire

New cover! What do you think?

Keeping Claire cover

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Keeping Claire is a go!

I’m very excited to announce that Keeping Claire has been accepted at Ellora’s Cave. You guys have already seen excerpts for this book, so there’s not much to say, other than I can’t wait to tackle the edits on it and get back to visiting with Ryan and Claire. Here’s the description I gave my editor:

When the owners of the company Claire works for march her into their office, she knows that trouble has found her. Again. Having Ryan’s hands on her, after dreaming about him for months, isn’t quite as satisfying as she’d imagined when it comes in the form of a pat-down and a lot of suspicion. Not that they don’t have a right to be suspicious – the only thing she answered truthfully on her job application was gender. But she’s not there to steal or spy on the company, and if she doesn’t get away quickly, the crap that’s following her is going to unload on all of them.

Like squeezing blood from a turnip, Ryan and Jacob finally manage to pull some details out of Claire. She’s on the run from her lunatic family, and after five years, is nearing the end of her rope. Good thing she’s stumbled across two Fae warriors who are experts in security. Except, even once they convince her that they’re magical beings, she remains unimpressed and wants to run, to once again become a new person living a half-life, in a desperate attempt to keep those around her safe. Ryan knows she’s scared, but now that he’s gotten a taste for her, he’s not willing to let her race out of his life. Fighting demons is easier than keeping hold of Claire – but not nearly as satisfying.

I’ll keep you updated as I get the cover, official blurb, and release date! Woot!!

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Excerpt Monday

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Once a month, a bunch of authors get together and post excerpts from published books, contracted work or works in progress, and link to each other. You don’t have to be published to participate–just a writer with an excerpt you’d like to share. For more info on how to participate, head over to the Excerpt Monday site or click on the banner above.


This is another excerpt from my work in progress, Keeping Claire. It’s a bit further along than the previous excerpt. Just a reminder, this is a work in progress, so it hasn’t been edited! I worked on this scene in a great online workshop at Liquid Silver’s forum, and I just love it, so I had to share. Feel free to let me know what you think.

“What’s your name?”

“Claire Fiordalisi.”

“You’ve already admitted you lied about your name on your application.”

“It’s my name right now.”

He was pretty sure he managed to keep the growl from escaping his throat. “Fine. What was your name before that?”

“Sara Lancaster.”

“And what was the name you were born with?” He had to unclench his teeth to get the sentence out, but somehow managed to keep his hands from strangling her.

“None of your business.”

“I think it is.”

“I can’t really help what you think.”

“Maybe not, but you can’t leave until I’m satisfied, either.”

Her breath hitched at that and she glanced at the clock, her face paling. Was she supposed to be somewhere? Meet someone?

She took in a deep breath, which he recognized as a concession on her part. She was letting them see that she was tired and frustrated. Was she going to stop hiding? Stop pretending?

“All right, look. I didn’t mean to be contrary, but the truth is, as I said earlier, I lied about who I was but I did my best for this company. Nothing else matters. I’m going to leave. If someone comes looking for me, tell the truth. I was here one day and gone the next.”

Her move to stand this time was slower, but when she gained her feet without any apparent dizziness she looked at him, then Jacob. “I’m very sorry if my actions bring any trouble down on you, but it’s best for all of us if I leave immediately.”

She stepped around him and walked to the door, slinging her purse up on her shoulder.

He was beginning to wonder how much of the meek and compliant thing was an act. Sure, she’d come quietly when they’d gone to get her. She’d let him search her and been polite even when telling them to shove it. But her instinct when waking up had been to come up swinging and she’d managed to tell them essentially nothing so far, despite that acquiescent attitude.

When she reached the door, he held his breath, strangely eager for her reaction. She didn’t disappoint.

No matter how much she pulled, the office door refused to budge. It wasn’t locked, the knob turned freely and there was no deadbolt, but the door remained closed.

“Fuck! What part of I have to leave to keep you two asshats and your fucking company safe are you not understanding?”

Was that a snicker she heard? Whirling around she found both men right where she’d left them, faces solemn. She narrowed her eyes, too furious to keep her expression guarded any longer. For fuck’s sake, how was she supposed to keep them safe if they wouldn’t let her go? Ryan, it had to be Ryan who’d laughed. He was trying too hard to look innocent.

She advanced on him, finger raised.

“I am trying.” She poked her finger into his chest. He raised his eyebrows at her.

“To help you.” Another poke.

“To keep you from becoming the target.” Poke. Poke. “Of some seriously deranged motherfuckers.”

Tiny little crinkles appeared next to his perfect lips. He’d been pissed before, but now he was laughing at her? He’d better keep it inside or she was going to test out her knee-to-testicle coordination.

Ryan’s warm hand gently enfolded hers and brought her still pointed finger to those damnable lips. Her eyes bugged out in shock as he laid a gentle kiss on the tip before bringing it back down and urging her whole hand to lay flat against his chest. His rock hard chest. Wait, that wasn’t the point. He—

“Careful. I don’t want you to hurt yourself,” he said, allowing a tiny smile to form.

Oh no, he didn’t! “Arrrrggghhh.”

Not exactly articulate, granted, but the phrase perfectly expressed her feelings at the moment. She tried to pull her hand free but he held firm.

Fine. On to plan B after all.

Careful not to telegraph her move, she brought her right knee up sharply. Only, she didn’t connect with his gonads as she’d expected. Instead his other hand caught her neatly below the knee which he moved to the side as he stepped in close.

The sound of a throat clearing reminded her that Jacob was also in the room. Ryan didn’t move however, and she was unable to.

“As entertaining as this is,” Jacob drawled with a hint of an accent she hadn’t really noticed before. “Perhaps we could get back to the matter at hand?”

Claire swallowed hard as Ryan let her leg drop, his hand running along her thigh, pressing it into his own leg as she lowered it. She found herself practically straddling his leg, his hand on her ass.

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Note: I have not personally screened these excerpts. Please heed the ratings and be aware that the links may contain material that is not typical of my site.
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The End, Again, My Friend

This weekend I finished the first draft of Keeping Claire. I didn’t set up a reward for myself this time. What do you think, another massage? Or an extra nice dinner out? Must decide soon, or it doesn’t count! In the meantime, I’m excited not just for finishing, but because it means I get to go back and do the revisions for Bound by Sunlight. It’s been more than a month since I finished it, and lately I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do with it, not to mention missing Connul and Kyr. I’ll let Ryan and Claire rest while I revise BbS. By the time that’s done, I should be itching to get back to them, lol. Now, another decision, this one for the upcoming Excerpt Monday. I have to decide if I want to do another excerpt from Keeping Claire, or introduce one from Bound by Sunlight. There’s a scene just a bit further along than the one I already did for Claire that I really love, so I’ll probably do that. Plus, I did a lot more versions of Claire than BbS, so the early pages are much more polished. BbS just sort of came out in one long effort, where I have about six versions of Claire.

While I’m here, I’ll pimp a new release from a fellow Romance Diva. I haven’t had a chance to check this one out, but it looks yummy.

Brush Strokes
Jax Cassidy

For Sage, attending the Parisian sex club, Plaisirs Sombres, was the ultimate fantasy. So when the conservative gallery assistant is cloaked behind the velvet mask, she never expected to be the object of the club owner’s desire. Spurred on by D.S. Gregoire’s erotic and sensual brush strokes of the exclusive club, she gives into a brief liaison that leaves her breathless and wanting.

For Damien, known to the art world as D.S. Gregoire, his art has always been an adrenaline rush. But when an exotic and mysteriously uninhibited ‘sex club virgin’ enters his establishment, he is willing to break his club rules for another taste of the dark pleasures she brings him.


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Excerpt Monday

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Once a month, a bunch of authors get together and post excerpts from published books, contracted work or works in progress, and link to each other. You don’t have to be published to participate–just a writer with an excerpt you’d like to share. For more info on how to participate, head over to the Excerpt Monday site or click on the banner above.

So, I’ve enjoyed doing Excerpt Monday, but so far have only posted excerpts from published books. As in, books that I’m certain at least one person that I trust (my editor) likes. There’s also the fact that she’s, you know, edited it. However, I’m all about pushing my comfort level as a writer (or something like that), so here goes. Please, be gentle.

This is the first scene of one of my works in progress, Keeping Claire.

Movement in the doorway to her office had Claire lifting her head. Her stomach clenched tight with the effort of not reacting to the sight of Ryan and Jacob standing in her doorway. Clearly, the shit had hit the fan. There was no good reason for the two owners of the company to have come looking for her, a hard working but mid-level paper pusher.

Ryan Diel, took a tiny step forward, his hard body stiff with anger. Shit, shit, shit. She’d kept to herself and worked hard for the company, her small way of making up for any trouble she might inadvertently cause them. Their complete collapse, for example. Which meant the only reason for his rigid stance was that they’d found out something about her. And there was nothing good about that possibility.

She rose, slowly pushing her chair back with her legs. Ryan took another step forward when she opened the desk drawer, so she angled her body, allowing him to clearly see the purse she pulled free. He held out his hand and she gave up the bag without question. Oh yeah, this was bad.  Lips that she’d fantasized about tightened as he studied her face. She made certain he saw only the blank expression that she’d honed with years of practice. Which unfortunately seemed to piss him off. He narrowed his bright green eyes for a minute before turning and walking out of the room.

She allowed a tiny hiss of breath to escape before squaring her shoulders and leaving the office. Focusing her attention on the taut ass in front of her helped tune out the sights and sounds of her coworkers as they watched her being led to the large office Ryan and Jacob shared. She needed to get out of the building fast, but it was suddenly occurring to her that the brilliant idea to work for a security company had been about the stupidest move she’d made in five years.

At her previous jobs, if human resources or management had called her into the office for an unexplained reason, she would have just left and been in a new city with a new name in a matter of hours. Only now did she realize that cardboard box manufacturers and small bookstore owners were going to react differently than security specialists. Damn it! What had she been thinking? Clearly she hadn’t been thinking enough. Maybe five years had worn her down and she was more tired than she’d realized. She remembered hitting town and walking past this building three or four times before thinking that maybe if she were at a company whose records couldn’t be hacked she would be safer. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Realizing where she’d gone wrong was not going to help her now and she was an idiot to be wasting time thinking about it rather than how she was going to get out of this building. Regret caused acid to churn in her stomach. Though she’d been careful not to make friends, Teck Security was a good company with friendly, helpful employees and caring owners. She should have left three weeks ago when she’d found herself joking with the receptionist as they walked out to the parking lot. She rarely interacted with her coworkers, leaving them with the impression that she was a bitch. She probably was a bitch, but not the way they thought. It just made it easier for everyone when she had to leave without notice.

Ryan entered their office and she followed, Jacob close on her heels. That the blinds had already been pulled was about all she had time to notice before she was pressed up hard against the now closed door. Her whole body went stiff but she concentrated and relaxed her instinct to fight. Ryan’s hands searched her expertly but she was shocked to feel a tingle in her breasts as he passed over them. There was nothing inappropriate about the way his hand brushed between her legs, but her stomach clenched, and it wasn’t in fear.

The heat of his body left her in a rush as he stepped back. She had to lock her knees to keep from trembling, though from adrenaline or fear, she wasn’t sure. Jacob gestured to the couch and she forced herself to walk to it slowly and sit as if she’d been invited to a meeting, not thrown against the door and searched like a criminal. If there was one thing she knew how to do, and do well, it was pretend that a crazy situation was perfectly normal.
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Note: I have not personally screened these excerpts. Please heed the ratings and be aware that the links may contain material that is not typical of my site.
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Hitting the End

It’s been a while, so it feels extra great to be able to say that I’ve hit the end on a story, Bound by Sunlight. Of course, really that’s just the first draft, so now I have to go do some revising, find someone to critique it and is willing to tell me if I’m off my rocker or if this story is workable, revise it again, then submit. I’m going to give it two weeks to percolate before I go back to do the first round of revisions.

In the meantime, I’ve returned to a piece I’ve been working on for a while, Keeping Claire. I started and restarted this thing four or five times. At one point, when I wasn’t sure quite what I wanted to do with it, I started Bound by Sunlight. Then I went back and forth on both of them for a while before BbS took over. Now I’m excited to get back to Claire and Ryan, and though they keep throwing me curve balls, I’m pretty sure I know what’s going to happen to them. Poor Ryan’s just bungled big time, and I’m looking forward to how he’s going to get back on Claire’s good side. She’s had a tough life and her patience is pretty thin, so he’s going to have to work his butt off. I can’t wait. 😛

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