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RT 2010 Part Deux

This past week I’ve been attending the 2010 RT Booklover’s Convention. It was my first writing related convention, and I had a blast. I don’t think we got to bed before 2am a single night, and we had to be up early every day, so I’m sort of brain dead right now, but it was very interesting work-wise and very fun networking-wise.

There was a PBS reporter who came to dinner with us and ended up coming to our hotel room to see what happens when three romance writers pack for a convention with a lot of costume parties. Plus, my roommates were Eden Bradley and Lilli Feisty, two of the Smutketeers, so they had a bunch of steampunk costumes. We had seven suitcases and thirty-two pairs of shoes between the three of us. I must admit, I have not had much occasion to wear costumes in the past twenty years, so that was a bit of a challenge for me, but I think it turned out well. Of course, I had Eden and Feisty helping, so I couldn’t go too wrong.

Mostly, since it was my first conference, I absorbed information and experiences during the day, and had fun talking to people and dancing at night. There were four dance parties, the Ellora’s Cave Paint the Town Red night, Fairy Ball, Vampire Ball and Dorchester’s Prom Night. By Saturday night, we were exhausted and ended up not going to the Prom Night party. After the dancing we went to the hotel bar, where I chatted up the Funeral Home convention attendees. That made for some fascinating conversations, I promise you! Also, those guys are good for a girls ego 😛

I’ll stop babbling now and go with pictures.

Eden and I were able to travel together, and we started the trip off right with a small welcoming committee. When we landed in Ohio, I noticed activity outside my window and looked down. Turned out I was directly over the compartment that the baggage handlers had hooked their ramp up to. We started watching the bags, to make sure ours were there, when the guys noticed us. They hammed it up for us and even managed to jump up and smack my window, then posed when I got the camera out. It was a very warm welcome 😀

Baggage Handlers

Columbus, OH Baggage Handlers

Eden and KB

Starting Day One with my roommate, Eden Bradley (left)

Walking across the stage

The EC dancers escorted the authors across the stage as we were introduced

RG Alexander, me, Eden Bradley

RG Alexander, me, Eden Bradley

Fairy Ball Prep

RG Alexander and Eden Bradley getting ready for the Fairy Ball

KB and Feisty

Lilli Feisty and Me, ready for the Fairy Ball

Air Fairy Eden Bradley

Eden Bradley at the Fairy Ball

Fairy Ball

RG Alexander and Crystal Jordan at the Fairy Ball

Me and Eden Bradley at the Fairy Ball

Me and Eden Bradley at the Fairy Ball

My very first signing

Being attacked by a zombie at the Vampire Ball

Me, Eden Bradley and Lilli Feisty and the Vampire Ball

Me, Eden Bradley and Lilli Feisty at the Vampire Ball

Vampire Ball

I think this is my attempt at looking fierce. Not entirely sure 😛

The End

Slightly after the moment that I decided I wasn't going to wear high heels again for at least nine months

And that was the last night. I wore more makeup, dresses and shoes than I normally do in six months, and I met some amazingly kind and wonderful people. And I signed a couple of autographs, lol. Overall, a great experience. I’m excited that RT is in Los Angeles next year, so I can do it again without having to lose two days to travel time.

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RT 2010

I am exhausted from a wonderful week at my first Romantic Times Convention. I’m working on uploading some pics, but in the meantime, I saw one that has my roommates and I going into the Vampire Ball on Barbara Vey’s Publishers Weekly blog. The pic labled Vampire Ball shows me, Lilli Feisty, and Eden Bradley (left to right). It’s not the greatest pic of me ever, and I swear, the horns growing out of my forehead were removable!

I think I’m going to take a nap now, while the pics finish uploading, but in the meantime, here’s a book I’m planning on reading, as soon as I can figure out how to get it downloaded.

Night Moves Cover

Night Moves

Eden Bradley

Something about trains had always brought out Kate’s wild side. So far it had been her own dirty little secret—until a sexy stranger catches her sneaking into his compartment looking to indulge her fantasy. But instead of throwing her out, Ian is turned on…and he’s ready to give Kate the ride of her life!

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