Alpha Turned

A (super) sexy werewolf romance

The Wolf Appeal series has been read by thousands who love werewolf romance. The shifters live all around the world without our knowing…they play hard and they love hard…and they’re looking for their mates. Check out book 1, the start of it all…

(Note: this book was originally published as “erotic romance” over a decade ago. I no longer think it qualifies, and the rest of the series definitely does not, but it is the most sexually graphic in the series. But, my mom and aunt read it, so…)


Alpha Turned Cover

Alpha Turned
Paranormal Romance (Werewolves)
Series: Wolf Appeal
66k words (Novel)
August 21, 2009; 2nd Edition: January 3, 2017



Not all men are bad…

Strong, independent, and happy on her own, Hillary has grown from the naïve person she was four years ago after a brutal rape turned her into a werewolf. The normal life she’s made for herself is only upset once a month when the moon calls to her and she has an uncontrollable urge to turn furry and chase small creatures. And she doesn’t need a man for that. Until she finally meets another werewolf, this one a gorgeous, sexy guy who is determined to change her mind about one furry man in particular–him.

No, some men are very, very good…

The minute Zach scents Hillary he knows she’s the mate he’s been searching for. Though both the wolf and the man are itching to claim her, first he has to convince her that he’s one of the good guys, and that there are certain benefits to being an alpha werewolf. And there’s no better way of making Hillary see that, than giving her himself—body, mind, and soul.

Trigger/caution warning – as mentioned in the blurb, Hillary is raped by several bad guys, during a violent episode in the first chapter, which is when she is turned into a werewolf. If you choose to skip chapter one, there is enough information sprinkled in the book that it will still make sense as to what happened to her and how it is the catalyst for what happens when she meets Zach, four years later, and finally learns about the world of werewolves. Since this book was originally categorized as an erotic romance, the love scenes between Hillary and Zack are explicit.


He watched from the window as his brother pulled up and turned off the ignition but didn’t get out. The tension he’d managed to slough off reemerged full force. He opened the door.

Aaron looked right at him for a second before getting out of the truck. He made his way slowly up the walk as if waiting for something to happen. And then it did. The scent of a wolf not his brother or his brother’s mate carried to him on the breeze. Not his pack, either. Something more, something special, something his. His blood sang, his breathing picked up, and when Aaron stopped some feet away, his wolf protested, wanting to get a better grasp of his mate’s scent.

He grabbed the doorframe to keep from charging his brother. “Where is she?” he managed to get out without growling.

Aaron’s gaze fixed on Zachary’s shoulder. “About three hours away, little town called Slade. There’s a problem.” His eyes flicked to Zach’s when his brother growled and he hurried on.

“She’s okay, she’s fine.” He walked slowly closer.

“Why is her smell all over you?” Zach heard the tension in his own voice, but couldn’t stop it.

Aaron dropped to his knees, lowering his head a little more, and didn’t say anything.

Zach breathed deeply, pushing his power down. “Go take a shower.” He stepped back into the house and headed to the living room. “Please.”

As his brother hurried to wash the scents from his body, Zach paced his living room. He repeated the other man’s words to himself, over and over. “She’s okay, she’s fine.”

Aaron was back quickly, wearing a clean pair of jeans and t-shirt and smelling strongly of the soap from the guest bathroom. Zach tried out a smile, though he didn’t think it was very genuine.

“Did you use the whole bottle?”

His brother sat at the far end of the sofa. “Almost.”

“Tell me.”

“She’s beautiful and strong. She’s young, twenty-four, but not so young. She has her own shop and loyal friends. She has no pack.” Aaron took a breath but continued before Zach could ask the obvious question.

“She was attacked four years ago, raped and turned. She escaped when they didn’t think she would live and has never spoken to a werewolf since. She knows nothing about us and was obviously hoping to keep it that way.” The silence following that statement was huge.

With enormous effort, Zach maintained control, though he didn’t particularly want to. He wanted to strike out, strike back, hurt those who had hurt his mate. But he needed to hear the rest, needed to find out who had hurt her, so he reined it in.

“Did you fight?” he asked, when he thought he could control his voice. Aaron’s face was gratifyingly shocked. “What? No! No, of course not.”

“If she didn’t understand, if she attacked you—”

“No.” Aaron took a deep breath, hanging his head. “When she told me, I didn’t…I couldn’t…I’m sorry, Zach, but I lost it. I had to change and go into the woods. Run it off, the need to kill something, to find them, hunt them and kill them. I couldn’t pull it back and I had to change and leave her sitting there, after telling me what she did.”

The pain radiating from his brother pulled at him. As his alpha, it was Zach’s job to comfort and support his wolf. The need to fulfill that obligation helped him to find his control. He walked to the couch and sat heavily beside his brother, shoulders touching, and let out a deep sigh.

“I was just wishing I could do the same. Tell me the rest, Aaron. Please?”

Aaron turned to look at him, staring into the eyes of his brother, not his alpha, showing him all the empathy, all the rage that he had felt, that he still felt. Zach nodded his understanding.