Fully Invested Trilogy

Welcome to Wildlife Ridge!

A small town in the mountains of Colorado where love flourishes. You’ll fall in love with the heroes and heroines, but want to stay forever in Wildlife Ridge. Fully Invested is the first complete trilogy in this series.

Three savvy women on the road to financial independence ditch their 9-5 jobs and begin their new lives. They’ll support each other as they find their dreams coming true in Wildlife Ridge…and maybe find their happily ever afters, too.

The Fully Invested trilogy is three complete stories that can be read on their own…

Coming Home Cover - the Fully Invested trilogy

Coming Home
Book 1 (Rose & Ethan)
Novel: 59k words
Release Date: 9/25/20

Breaking Free cover - the Fully Invested trilogy

Breaking Free
Book 2 (Janelle & Aaron)
Novel: 79k
Release Date: 11/20/20

Finding Forever cover - the Fully Invested trilogy

Finding Forever
Book 3 (Naomi & Jason)
Novel: 70k
Release Date: 2/12/21

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