Perfect Temptation

A contemporary erotic romance (m/f)

The Perfect Fit series is sexy and kinky and full of love. If you like D/s play, and threesomes where the boys are just as excited by each other as they are by the lady they love, this erotic romance series is for you. Perfect Temptation is just for two, though, because neither Noah or Natalie is willing to share.

All of these books can be read on their own. While they are numbered to be in chronological order, the references/cameos in each book are minor and there is no downside to reading them in any order you choose.


Cover for erotic romance Perfect Temptation

Perfect Temptation
Contemporary Erotic Romance (m/f)
Series: Perfect Fit 4.0
Novel (80k words)
Release Date: July 2, 2021
ISBN Trade Paperback: 978-1-955124-12-6
(Other physical editions coming soon)



A kinky comment that lands on unexpectedly understanding ears leads Natalie to the surprising realization that her best friend’s brother’s best friend is into BDSM. Which means Noah is not the guy for her. She tried that lifestyle while in college and it didn’t end well.

Noah eases the story of Natalie’s past from her, and all his Domly instincts flare to life. He wants to help her figure out if she’s right to close the door on her submissive needs, or embrace them and finally find the happiness she deserves. His plan to mentor her so she can decide would be going just fine if she weren’t so. Damn. Tempting.


Noah wasn’t the least surprised when Natalie told him she wanted to work the grill. She went off to change out of her office clothes while he opened the wine that Sonya had suggested. He was a frequent guest at this house, so he knew where the bottle opener and glasses were.

She padded out in shorts and bare feet, hair pulled into a stubby ponytail, and wearing a shirt that followed her curves very nicely. It was a beautiful day outside, and he’d opened the sliding doors to the patio. A warm breeze teased her hair, and he wanted to see how good of a grip that tiny ponytail would give him. She’d had longer hair when they’d first met, long enough that he’d have been able to wrap it around his fist a couple of times. But the blunt bob she’d switched to a couple of years ago suited her. When not pulled back, it swung just above her shoulders.

As she patted the steaks dry with a paper towel, he tried to decide if her remark about the rope he’d brought had been innocent or knowing. Could go either way…but her blush made him suspect she went his way. Something he’d never considered.

He’d met her a couple of times over the years, but he’d been in a relationship at the beginning, and she’d become firmly entrenched in his best friend’s family, and that had seemed like a no-go. But he’d been curious enough about her to learn she hadn’t been in any serious relationships since he’d known her. And the one guy she’d dated long enough for Alec to meet had been a dud, according to his friend.

For just a second, he wondered if Alec had screwed up today’s date on purpose, to force a one-on-one meeting like this. But Alec’s casual relationship with the calendar was well known, and his friend was too good a Dom to play games like this with his friend, let alone someone he considered family.

They chatted easily about gas and flames and charcoal as she familiarized herself with the grill. She didn’t need his help, but would look up at him to confirm what she said when she wasn’t as sure as she sounded. He liked that. A lot. It was ridiculous, it wasn’t like it took a great deal of intellect to master the art of barbecuing, but it was very close to her looking to him for approval…and he liked it.

“Sorry about the dirt,” he said when the lid was down and they only needed to wait for the grill to do its job. “I was swinging by here on my way home, so I’m still in work clothes.” His hands were clean, but his boots were muddy and his jeans weren’t much better. He’d have to check the tile floor inside to make sure he hadn’t made a mess.

She waived his apology away with the tongs. “You work at a garden center, right?”

“That’s right. Now that I’m the manager, I don’t always get into the dirt, but I still enjoy it and tend to make that my Friday activity.”

“I have such a brown thumb. I have two plants I’ve managed not to kill over the years, and I just concentrate on keeping them alive and don’t push my luck.”

She opened the grill a little earlier than she needed to by his estimation, stuck the thermometer into a steak, frowned, and put the lid back down.

“It’s something you can learn if you want to, we’re always happy to help educate. But it certainly doesn’t need to be everyone’s passion.”

“I figure if I ever manage to buy a house with a yard, I’ll worry about it then. Of course, I might be eighty at that point, unless I decide to leave Boston.”

He laughed. “No kidding. If I hadn’t been able to use the money my parents saved for me for college as a down payment, I’d still be in an apartment, and have to take over this space to get my fix. Luckily, they didn’t mind me using it for the house instead of a degree.”

“I bet you have a great yard.”

“I absolutely do.”

She gave him a huge smile and moved to check the steaks again, just as he was about to suggest she do so.

Missy P came out to join them after finishing her dinner, twining around their legs until Noah picked her up.

“Sonya told me she was fine to come out into the yard, but it makes me nervous.”

“In my experience, she likes being queen of her little world and has zero interest or curiosity about the rest of it.” The hairy white beast had flopped into his arms like a jellyfish and was purring up a storm.

“That’s good.”

The timer for the oven beeped, so she put the tongs down and went inside to retrieve the roasted broccoli. Soon the steaks were done and they were cutting into their first bites. He waited, watching as she closed her eyes and savored the meat.

When she’d swallowed, she opened her eyes and beamed at him in triumph. “Damn, that’s good!”

He laughed and tried his own bite. Delicious.

They ate in silence for a bit, the crispy veggie a perfect companion to the juicy meat. When she’d consumed most of her glass of wine, he decided it was time.

“Let me ask you a question.”

The instant scowl on her face suggested that he was right in thinking the rope comment hadn’t been purely innocent.

He laughed. “That tells me a lot, right there.”

Her mouth opened into an O that had his dick twitching. “How…? What?”

“It tells me you’ve been wondering if I was going to ask, or let it go, and you wouldn’t be wondering that if it had just been a random remark.”

She tried to pull of an air of innocence. “I don’t know what you mean.”

He stopped smiling at that, and let his full Dom self bleed into his words. “Please don’t do that. Tell me you won’t discuss it, or tell me to mind my own business, but don’t lie to me.”

She flushed scarlet and dropped her eyes to the table. He waited, watched as she took in a deep breath, and squared her shoulders. She lifted her gaze to his. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I know what you meant. I know what the rope is for. But I’m not involved in that kind of thing, obviously, so it was easier to pretend I was clueless. Stupid, though. I’m sorry.”

He waited only a second before nodding and smiling. “Do you want to talk about it?”

She went back to her meal. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

“Okay. Tell me about how you ended up in Boston. It sounds like you plan on staying, even though you might be eighty before you can buy a house?”

Her shoulders relaxed, and she took a sip of her wine. “I grew up in Atlanta, and when I graduated college, the insurance company I was interning for had a position available here. It’s a nationwide company, so I could definitely transfer somewhere with lower cost of living, but I like being here. I like my office, my friends, the Webers and Crawfords.”

“No friends and family in Atlanta calling you back?”

“My mom and grandparents are there, and I want to visit them more, but I don’t need to live there. I’ve finally gotten them hooked on video calls.”

“And you like your job?”

She smiled. “I do. I mean, it’s certainly not a passion kind of thing, like you probably have, and I know everyone loves to hate on the insurance industry, for good cause. But I feel like I’m able to help people navigate their way through it, and crazy as it sounds, I enjoy the admin side of things. If I do x, y, and z, I can expect result a, b, or c. If I feel like I need to push for a certain result, I know the steps to take for that. And, best of all, at the end of the day, the job is done. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it once I’ve clocked out.”

“And then what do you do? For fun?” He hadn’t meant it to be a leading question. He’d been hoping she’d circle back around to their earlier conversation on her own. If she didn’t, well, then she obviously wasn’t ready for that. If she did, he was definitely interested in what she had to say. But her expression now showed she had been thinking about it, and had applied it to his question.

He held up a hand. “I just meant how do you spend your time? Hobbies?”

She sighed. “I knit. A lot. And I sell some of what I knit.”

“Okay, yeah. I remember Sonya being excited to see the baby blanket you made. Why do you sound mad about it?”

“I’m not. I’m annoyed with myself. I mean, we’re adults, right? We can talk about things…like this…without—”

She broke off when he started to laugh, and glared at him.

“Apparently not, since you can’t even say the words. What are you trying for, sweetheart? I’ll help. Is it sex you want to be able to talk about without saying it? BDSM?”

She pouted, which wasn’t something he normally found attractive, but suddenly found adorable. Especially when she started nibbling on her lower lip.

Having finished her meal, she shoved the plate aside and buried her head in her arms on the table. “I’m so embarrassed.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have teased. Although, I’m still confused how asking about knitting turned into a conversation that may, or may not, be about sex and BDSM.”

She rolled her head back and forth. “It’s not you. I’m twenty-seven freaking years old.”

“Well, to be fair, we don’t really know each other very well. Would you have reacted this way if it was Alec asking you about this?”

With a deep sigh, she raised her head. “Probably worse. He’s kind of like a brother to me.”

“You don’t have to talk about it now, although if you leave me in suspense about how knitting and sex go together in your head, I might hate you a little bit.”

She laughed at that, and leaned back. He was relieved. He was trying very hard to achieve a balance between encouraging her to talk with a bit of teasing, and not making her uncomfortable, which he absolutely did not want to do. Well, not too much, anyway. But his curiosity was definitely piqued. Both as a man who found her very attractive, and as a Dom who worried she had some past trauma she needed to deal with.

“You don’t have to look so worried,” she told him. “It’s not anything bad, I’m just not used to talking about it.”

“Glad to hear it.” And surprised that she’d read him that well.

“I experimented a bit in college. My roommate and I went to a club, met some Doms, had fun for a while, but then it turned out that I wasn’t really good at the whole submissive thing, and so I stopped.”

She probably didn’t realize she was hiding when she took the glass and sipped slowly at it, peeking at him from over the rim. But he knew. And it wasn’t that she was uncomfortable with the sex talk, not really. He was pretty sure that it was the fact there was a lot more to the story than she’d admitted.

“Fair enough. It’s not for everyone. But I’m glad nothing bad happened?” He made the last part just a bit of a question.

“Yeah. I mean, not really. I just realized that what a Dom expected of me, and what I expected of me—and him—were not great matches.”

He cocked his head, trying to appear curious, as opposed to letting her see the protective instinct to attack someone who had hurt her that was trying to burst free. “If it wasn’t a big deal, will you tell me? I’m always curious to know how people fit—or don’t— into the lifestyle.”

The sun had gone down and the outdoor lights that Alec had set to timers came on, bathing her in a warm glow. He normally would have refilled her glass, which she was still holding even though it was empty, but he didn’t want alcohol to be the reason she trusted him with her story.

“I’ll take the dishes in,” he suggested, giving her time to decide. He stacked their plates and held his hand out for her glass.

She handed it to him, then wrapped her arms around herself, though the air was still quite warm.

Oh yeah, he was going to get this story out of her, that was no longer a question. He motioned her over to the outdoor sofa. “Get comfortable, Nat. I’ll handle these.”