Challenge Accepted

Challenge AcceptedParanormal Romance (Werewolves)
Series: Wolf Appeal (Book 2)
55k words (novel)
March 17, 2018
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Since being turned into a werewolf, Adam has been a loner. Practically a hermit. Okay, actually a hermit. When the local wolves and werewolves start experiencing weird behavior, he can’t resist the pull to step up and see if he can help. And runs smack into trouble in the form of the werewolves’ National President.

Myra’s term as President is nearly over, but she’s determined to track down the wolf who was attacked, and turned against his will. When she meets Adam, she only wants to help him live a full and  happy life. Then she sees him naked. And gets to know him. And decides she wants a lot more for him than to just escape his lonely cabin in the woods.

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