Reviews for Alpha Turned

Judging the Book by it’s Pages – 5 Fairies

“I highly recommend this book if you like alpha males and females that aren’t afraid to love.”

Fallen Angel Reviews – 5 Angels

“I’d read K.B. Alan’s first book and liked it, but there seems to be an abundance of werewolf novels out there these days. Fantastically, this one sets itself apart from the rest.”…”If you’re looking for a Shapeshifter story with a bit of an edge, some scorching hot sex and a love story at the heart of it all, get yourself a copy of Alpha Turned.”

The Romance Studio – 5 Hearts

“The intensity, and momentum of the story, is brilliantly constructed to keep the readers interest. When Hillary and Zach get together, the passion and chemistry between them is breath-taking. The dialogue and beautiful scenes with Hillary and Zach make this read fantastic.”

Bitten by Books – 5 Stars

“I really loved KB Alan’s story and the characters of Hilary and Zach. Hilary is such a strong female lead, and just because she meets her happily ever after, she doesn’t stop being fearless in the face of the many dangers that are thrown her way. The secondary characters are given plenty of time and backstory as well. I’m not sure if this is a standalone story or a series, but if it is the latter, I will definitely be reading it.”

Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4 1/2 Stars

“For fans of paranormal romance, Alpha Turned is an original and creative look at alpha mates, and a must read.”

Romance Junkies – 4 Blue Ribbons

“There are a lot of romances in this genre-this one has more depth than most – and there’s plenty of steam…”

Night Owl Romance – 4 Hearts

“While shape shifting romances are the rage right now, this one provided interesting insights a little different than the norm and more story development about the pack’s inner workings and hierarchy. Very emotional and erotic, a highly recommended read.” – Chris

The Romance Reader’s Connection – 4

“It has all the elements that this paranormal loving reader needs – passion, sexy wolves, and hot, hot chemistry.”

“I love the strength of the women, the understanding and gentleness of the men and the humor that is woven with a light hand throughout.” “This is written with a deft hand, lovely wit and some very hot sex. It is a keeper.”