Reviews for Bound by Sunlight

Day Dreaming

“Have you had the pleasure of reading Bound by Sunlight by K.B. Alan?  No?  Oh, you poor thing…You must have been locked up in a dungeon by an evil mage!” – Lola

Siren Book Reviews – 5 Siren Stones

“When the story ended, I just wanted more. More of the world that KB Alan created, the main characters, and the supporting characters.”

TwoLips Reviews – 4.5

“K.B. Alan has a uniquely erotic way of infusing BDSM and the paranormal in Bound by Sunlight, making me yearn for more from this talented author.”

Whipped Cream Reviews – 4.5 Cherries

“KB Alan pulls the reader into a world filled with magic and keeps you entertained until the end.” “If you love paranormal with a bit of a kink than this is one book you should read.” – Mistletoe

Judging the Book by it’s Pages – 4.5 Fairies

“I highly recommend this book if you like BDSM stories with a little bit of magic thrown in.”

Night Owl Reviews – 4 Stars

Bound by Sunlight has something for almost every reader, hot and sizzling sex, mystery and suspense and a very natural love story. I highly recommend it.” Delenn

The Romance Studio – 4 Hearts

“Wonderfully talented author KB Alan once again entangles the reader into an imaginative story that is packed with marvelous characters, a depth of emotion, an intense sensuality and a wildly captivating plot that twists and turns leaving the reader deeply enchanted.” Shannon

The Book Binge – 3.75

“…I have to admit that I was won over at least to the gentle regard, affection, and ultimately the love that grew between Kyrianna and Connul, the interesting and sometimes humorous relationship between Connul and his two mage siblings, and the truly loving relationship that is possible in a BDSM context.”