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Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope you have something special planned. I don’t, but that shouldn’t stop you :p

I plan on making up for my lack of actual romance with some Valentine’s Day reads. Romance Divas did an ebook challenge and their authors came up with these free reads for everyone to enjoy. You can go to the official page or use the list below.

Enjoy, I know I will!

The heat leves are Sweet (with no sexual cotent), Sensual, Steamy, and Caliente (anything goes).

Melissa Blue’s Talk Nerdy to Me is sensual (Women’s Fiction)
Jax Cassidy’s Hot Shots is steamy (Contemporary)
Eva Gale’s Hysteria is caliente (Historical)
Kathleen Gabriel’s The Kansas Connection is steamy (Romantic Comedy)
Lauren Johnson’s My Secret Valentine is sweet (Contemporary)
Kim Knox’s Xander is caliente (Fantasy Romance)
Adelle Lauden’s Save Your Smiles for Me is sweet (Contemporary)
Nara Malone’s Owned is caliente (BDSM Contemporary)
Jennifer McKenzie’s Puzzle of the Heart is sensual (Contemporary)
Dawn Montgomery’s Ocean Dancer is caliente (Fantasy Romance)
Debbie Mumford’s Something Unexpected is sweet (Contemporary)
Lauren Murphy’s Locked in Love is caliente (Contemporary)
Rylee Myst’s Accidental Date is steamy (Contemporary)
AJ O’Donovan’s None So Blind is sweet (Light Paranormal)
Emily Ryan-Davis’ Joe’s Change of Heart is sweet (Contemporary)
Bryl R. Tyne’s Wrong Trousers is caliente (m/m Romantic Comedy)

A nice mix of heat levels and genres, I can’t wait to read them.

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